Monthly Archives: July 2000

Patched The Patch

Finally, Valve has released the latest patch for their patch. It seems to have improved things. I’m not seeing people getting dropped from the server as much. I’ve also installed the final version 2.0 of Oz Deathmatch and the blood … Continue reading

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FTP Server

Sorry for the inconvenience folks, the FTP SERVER is down temporarily. It has been so overloaded that it has been lagging the game server. I will get it back up probably by Wednesday of this coming week with improvements.

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The Penguin Returns

Well I owe a big thank you to Sojyn for fronting me a beta copy of Oz for LINUX. The server is now back to it’s native habitat and has so far performed flawlessly. I also want to apologize to … Continue reading

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Grumpy Ol’ Man

Grumpy Ol’ Man has now entered into the ranks of The Paradigm Regulars along with the rest of us lifers. Or should I say half lifers? It’s great havin’ ya with us, man!

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