So you want to find out more about this blog, eh?

Well there isn’t a lot to tell. Actually not true. There is a lot to tell, just that most of it are not very interesting. I will bring up some of the highlights, starting with a brief history of the site…

Sparks Online began as a site devoted to information about my Half-Life Servers and game related info. “Spark” being my nickname, short for “Sparken”  my longterm player/coder handle and “Online” being where I spent most of my time. I became involved with a Half-Life modification known as “Oz Deathmatch” as a gameserver administrator/provider and later as a programmer. As more and more people played it, it became necessary to build a bigger site with a built in forum so I used PHP Nuke.

PHP Nuke was a pain in the ass to work with and the forum got less and less use and more and more spammers. I really wanted to post random stuff that would likely garner no traffic but Nuke required too much effort and time. So when I physically moved all my various web stuff onto a single server, I decided to change it up and go with WordPress and consolidate.

And so here we are.



5 Responses to Aboot

  1. style says:

    Just the way I like it… lots of detail!

  2. Disk says:

    Hi, where can i download the OZ 3.02 – Linux für unsing in a hlds (nosteam/won2)?


    doesnt work


  3. steve says:

    where can i get oz_3.­02.­tar.­gz?

  4. Dukey says:

    Hi Spark, Style… and any other ol’ school OZ players. Just droppin in to wish every one a safe and