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Happy Thanksgiving

I thought this might be a good time to post some fun-facts about turkeys:   Turkeys love scarves. Turkeys especially love boas made from the feathers of other birds, mainly chickens. Turkeys believe in reincarnation and practice suicidal behavior whenever … Continue reading

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Professional Blogs do NOT require photos.

I feel it necessary to say, “If you have a non-personal, business or professional blog or an advertisement of any sort – it is not required for the author of an article to post a picture of themselves” WARNING: Please … Continue reading

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Post Mayan Apocalypse – Year Zero

It’s almost the beginning of  Year Zero PMA!  I haven’t figured out how to convince the world into using my 13 month Post Mayan Apocalyptic Calendar yet, but it’s just a matter of time…   The perfect calendar of perfection … Continue reading

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Murphy Christmans!

Okay, so here is the obligatory Murphy Christmans Post to you all! Happy Christmas and New Years to all of you Ol’ Skool Players, families and new friends too. Have fun, be safe, -Spark E    

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