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Happy Thanksgiving

I thought this might be a good time to post some fun-facts about turkeys:   Turkeys love scarves. Turkeys especially love boas made from the feathers of other birds, mainly chickens. Turkeys believe in reincarnation and practice suicidal behavior whenever … Continue reading

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Professional Blogs do NOT require photos.

I feel it necessary to say, “If you have a non-personal, business or professional blog or an advertisement of any sort – it is not required for the author of an article to post a picture of themselves” WARNING: Please … Continue reading

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Post Mayan Apocalypse – Year Zero

It’s almost the beginning of  Year Zero PMA!  I haven’t figured out how to convince the world into using my 13 month Post Mayan Apocalyptic Calendar yet, but it’s just a matter of time…   The perfect calendar of perfection … Continue reading

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SparksOnline Update

A quick update… the server move is on. I have copied most of the files over from the old server but the FTP service is down for the moment. Also the Forum is not working yet. I will post more … Continue reading

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