I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something. For the third time this week, I have left the house without my cell phone. This is very strange for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is my OCD. My OCD pretty much insures that I have checked for all of my usual necessities 3 times before leaving the house. I have NEVER forgotten my phone before this week. It kind of freaks me out. Suddenly I am aware of the multitude of things that could go wrong during the day. Things that can easily be remedied with a phone call but would ruin the day if I didn’t have the means. I have to carefully monitor the gas in my tank while I am driving. What was that noise? Was it the engine about to give out?? What if a server is down at work and no one can reach me? What if I see a really cool wreck and I can’t take a picture of it with my phone? What if I get in a wreck?? What if my engine quits, I get into an accident, a server goes down at work and I can’t take a picture to prove that it actually happened??

I am trying to imagine how we ever got a long without cell phones. I remember driving a ticking time bomb of a car from Montana to Texas all by my lonesome. I was 18 or so and virtually no one had cell phones. The car died several times in the middle of nowhere and somehow I managed to get it running again and limp to a town. Now I get a little nervous driving around in a metropolitan area without my cell.
How F-ing sad am I?

What’s even more odd – now that I think about it – is that I use modern technology like the Internet and HULU to watch old TV shows that were on before I was born.

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