Happy Thanksgiving

I thought this might be a good time to post some fun-facts about turkeys:


  • Turkeys love scarves. Turkeys especially love boas made from the feathers of other birds, mainly chickens.
  • Turkeys believe in reincarnation and practice suicidal behavior whenever possible by drowning themselves in the rain or throwing themselves in front of hatchets when farmers chop wood.
  • Turkeys love chick drama. Turkeys made up 85% of the Nielsen Rating systems’ viewing audience of both “Dawson’s Creek” and “Gilmore Girls”. Both shows enjoyed unrivaled ratings success until a sudden spike in turkey exports peaking in 2008.
  • Turkeys are carnivores – not only do turkeys eat bugs and insects but they will occasionally capture and eat stray chickens, their only natural enemy.
  • Turkeys are fast!Turkeys can run up to 40 kilometers per hour and fly as fast as 88 kph making them nearly impossible to catch. Thankfully, the United States still uses the imperial system of measurement limiting the speed of the turkey to only a few miles per hour. That plus the Coriolis effect, which causes the turkeys to run in circles, makes the US the only place where Thanksgiving is actually possible.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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6 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. brian says:

    you still active here SparkE? I was hoping for some ozdm set up advice.

  2. Brian says:

    i was trying to do a server set up like deadzone. the pc only has windows xp , avast and steam dedicated server on it. wasn’t sure where to put the ozdm files, do i need to have a copy of half-life installed for this to work? not much on the web about this specifically hl-ozdm, lots about steams new steampipe stuff. thanks

  3. Spark E. says:

    Essentially, you need to create a working half-life deathmatch server as a base. so once you have that working, you swap out a file and add the config files.

    Because Steam has kind of altered the directory hierarchy by customizing it with your steam name at some point in the tree, it makes it difficult to tell you the exact file path. But search through the folders and at some point you will find a directory named “valve” with a subfolder called “dlls” and in that folder will be a file named “hl.dll”.

    That is the original vanilla hl.dll and the core of the server. Rename that to something else and drag the hl.dll file from the ozdm install into that folder. ( the oz install may have it named “mp.dll” – if so, rename it hl.dll and drag it in place of the orginal valve/dlls/hl.dll file)

    Then start the server and make sure it still runs. It will act more or less like a regular halflife server because it doesn’t have the config files yet.

    If it runs ok, then drag in the oz cfg folders from the install so the path is like whatever/valve/cfg/ and the others so you have /valve/bots/ etc etc.

    use the same directory structure that the ozdm install packages have and it should work.
    I thought I put a help folder in the install that explained it a bit better than I am doing from memory right now. :-)

    Let me know how it goes.

  4. Brian says:

    thank you, was confused by the different steams – various updates and redoes and reading up on this was getting confusing , thanks again .

  5. Spark E. says:

    It is a bit confusing especially with the various bot/non-bot flavours of the initial 3.0 release and the 3.02 updates.

    Back in that time, bandwidth was still kind of an issue so the last updates were only the dll files and none of the supporting files and folders. SO you had to download the 3.0 and then add the 3.02 dll.

    I still get the itch every now and then to repackage it complete. But laziness takes over…