Moar OzDM News

The last post has gotten pretty long with comments, so I am creating a short new post with some news.

Iggy has retrieved my server and it should be on its way back this week sometime. This will allow me to make sure I have all the items to fix the dead links and get some servers up and running again.


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6 Responses to Moar OzDM News

  1. brian says:

    :) !!!!!!!!

  2. Max says:

    Hi Spark,

    did you get my mail? :)

  3. Brian says:

    was thinking of trying to use an older pc as a lan ozdm server, what are min. specs that will run ozdm?

    • Spark E. says:

      Performance varies somewhat between Windows and Linux, Linux being a bit better especially when you run it without a windowing system – strictly command line.

      You don’t need a ton of horsepower, when we were renting dedicated servers we could get a few on a single processor 2.xGhz machine with a gig and a half of RAM. I easily ran 3 15-20 player servers on a 3Ghz AMD with 2Gigs of RAM and Debian Linux.

      What you need to be conscious of is the server configuration variables, especially with a LAN box where you have tremendous network bandwidth available between the client and server. We started noticing performance issues on previously stable servers as more and more people had access to highspeed cable internet and they would set their client update rates to essentially max levels. With the inherent network bottleneck of dial-up and lower rates DSL and early cable removed, the servers could have a hard time keeping up and the client choke levels would rise. If the server was configured properly, with reasonable client max rates and max update limits set, the performance was still good. However, many people running servers thought their servers would run better if they didn’t limit the output to the client. This was true if you only had a handful of players, but if your server became popular, performance would drop and it got choppy for clients.

      So keep that in mind when tweaking the CVARS like sv_maxrate, etc. and you will likely be able to run a server on most any old PC just fine. My initial OzDM server ran on a Pentium 166 with 64MB RAM and Redhat Linux and it was very popular in the early dial-up days :)

      • Brian says:

        thank you, i’ll give it a go. it’s mostly just for me to play on as the hl dm severs disappear, i could kick some bots a$$es.