Oz Deathmatch Site Updated

I have just updated the Oz Deathmatch site with functioning links to downloads and removed dead links. Kindly let me know if there are any broken links and I will correct them. Oz Deathmatch Official Website

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  1. Disk says:

    Thank you very very much :-)

  2. OzDM Fan says:

    I have found a bug in ozdm version 3.02…

    Here are the contents of botcycle.txt:
    Contents of folder valve/bots/:

    The file is set to rhobot.cfg – runfolder “valve”.

    but when I run the server, get this error:
    .cfgdn’t exec bots/alfa
    .cfgdn’t exec bots/alfa
    .cfgdn’t exec bots/beta
    .cfgdn’t exec bots/beta

    Bot omega loaded successfully. How to fix this bug with loading bots?
    Tested in Debian 6.0.5 and Centos 5.8, i386.
    Protocol version 48
    Exe version (valve)
    Exe build: 14:06:24 Sep 23 2011 (5447)
    On Windows this error does not.

    • Spark E. says:

      The first thing that comes to mind … if alfa and beta do not function and omega does function, my first idea would be to check file permissions on alfa.cfg and beta.cfg make sure the server has permissions to run them, typically 755.

      It looks like you paths and configs are spelled and located ok.

      If your permissions are ok, then try switching the order of bots in the botcycle.txt to omega, beta and then alfa and see what errors you get.

      I have run oz under debian, but not centos. Make sure selinux isn’t interfering somehow.

      Let me know what you find.

      • OzDM Fan says:

        Permissions are set on cfg files 755.
        SElinux is disabled.
        Switched the order of bots: omega, beta, alfa or beta, alfa, omega – do not working, only the last bot loading of botcycle.txt

  3. Safety1st says:

    Oz Deathmatch v3.5_CTF_MIN Win32 Installer File

  4. KT says:

    Got a couple of bad links that I found on a quick check.

    Screenshots -> “color” image is broken
    Downloads -> CTF installer link takes you to this sites homepage, not a file.
    Contact -> Main menu contact link does the same as above. Not sure if this is intentional.
    Links -> halflife.org is now a SEO link farm

    • Spark E. says:

      HalfLife.org is now a link farm? That’s suprising. I would have thought someone would hold on to that domain forever.

      I wonder how early you have to get up to make sure all the links at the farm get milked before breakfast…

      The other links are broken probably from me mistyping URLs. I have a redirect to the homepage instead of an error 404, So since the broken Download links are to this domain… tada! Here we are.

      Not sure that I needed to actually type out my train of thought while commenting on the broken links…

  5. Scott says:

    Spark E.

    This is Scott, the old Rho-Bot programmer. I was surprised that OZ Deathmatch is still going. Drop me a line when you have a chance.


  6. Spark E. says:

    Hi Scott! I’ll do that

  7. brian says:

    are the servers back up?

  8. Safety1st says:

    How can I use 9mmAR grenades? Right mouse button just magnifing…

    • Spark E. says:

      In your ./././cfg/weapons.cfg file around line 214 you will see:
      mp5_sniper 1 // secondary fire = zoom, lose grenades

      set to “mp5_sniper 0″

  9. allen says:

    Link on this is broken it just bring me to this page…
    plz fix it or upload the file at mediafire.

  10. allen says:

    nevermind got the file somewhere else tnx to google.
    awesome mod! just what I always wanted to do on hldm.
    rhobots are wall haggers most of the time tke too much time for them to learn the map but are good enough to play with for the mean time.

    I tried using jk_botti bot but it can only load 1 or 2 bots or none at all and weapons won’t cycle.
    parabot won’t work as well. well i just hope hope rhobot had some waypointing system that can be done manually or may be you guys should just use a better bot like jk_botti if ever you’ll update it. Still really great mod too bad I kinda over looked it during my year 2000 HL discovery hehe.

    • Spark E. says:

      I will look into fixing the link. :(

      The bots do slowly learn a map. A .nav file will be created for each map that they play and gets updated each time they play. That is one of the reasons I am so anxious to retrieve the hard drive from my last server. The bots had been playing the same maps non stop for years and had gotten much better. I don’t remember if the .nav files can be edited manually of not. Worth poking around at, I don’t remember if I ever did.

      For those who are interested, Iggy may be retrieving said harddrive this week and when I get it back, I will be able to get the 3 Oz servers back up again.

    • monted says:

      I got jk_botti to work OK with Oz 3.0, and with the 3.02, but with 3.02 the RhoBots will usually start replacing the jk_botti bots after a few minutes.

      To force jk_botti bots to come out of spectate, i made a little plugin (I am not an expert programmer, but I figured out the spawn commands from the links):

      // https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=76179
      // http://www.amxmodx.org/funcwiki.php?go=func&id=127
      // http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=130616


      public plugin_init() {
      register_plugin(“BottiSpawn”, “0.08b”, “monted”)

      public client_connect(id) {
      if (is_user_bot(id)) {

      public spawnonce(id) {
      set_pev(id, pev_iuser1, 0)



      • monted says:

        Excuse please, but part of the two #include lines are apparantely being read as HTML commands. They should be (if I can get them to show):


        but take out the spaces between the angle brackets and the “amxmodx” and “fakemeta”

        • monted says:

          This is a little silly. Trying again since I can't edit previous posts:

          #include <amxmodx>
          #include <fakemeta>

      • Spark E. says:

        Thanks for posting your info and code and sorry I have taken so long to moderate this and some other posts.

        This plugin… what kind is it? For AMX or Metamod? Sadly, I have fallen out of the loop on what kind of server mod toolz are out there.

        • monted says:

          This would be a little plugin for AMX Mod X that can be compiled with ..\\addons\amxmodx\scripting\compiler.exe, then put into plugins folder and added to the list of plugins in plugins.ini

          I wanted to try the jk_botti bots with “Oz Deathmatch v3.5_CTF_MIN Win32 Installer File” and I'm awaiting the link-fixing exercise.


  11. allen says:

    Oh btw plz post your mod here
    lots of gamers go there and hl and hl2 are still the kings of mod making.

  12. AlterIWnet says:

    Nice to know you guys still working on this. I’m playing it again.
    Plz do fix the last vesion with bots of windows as well those old yet
    fully learned .nav files.

  13. --Psyko-- says:

    Spark. I’m a huge fan of OzDM.. I’ve been playing it since it first came out. Just curious what happened to the Lozt Forums?

    • Spark E. says:

      I have a forum built into this blog, you can see it in the menu on the right.
      I like being able to have people start their own topics and discuss things without being moderated, but anytime you have that kind of arrangement, the spammers come along and muck it up. Also the forum doesn’t notify me of posts so I tend to forget about it until someone emails me about how badly it has been defaced. :(

      I still need to build a script to import the old forum data for archival purposes. Which is probably what you were really inquiring about. The old forum data is safely archived waiting to re-emerge.

  14. John Vuorio says:

    Hey spark the ‘Oz Deathmatch v3.2 with bots’ doesen’t point to the file ‘( oz3_w32_wbots.exe) . Can you pls fix the link so we can all download it?