Server Plans

I have been getting many questions regarding the status of the game servers during and after the WON network is shut down.

Here is how it will probably go….

First of all, in keeping with my overall practices, there is no scheduled plan.

When the WON shuts down, I will simply ( did I say “simply”?) shut the servers down, upgrade them to steam and then start them up again with the same ips and ports.

The one exception being Death Central. It will need to be recompiled with the new settings before it can be restarted.

The down time for the transition may be a few hours or even a day, depending on when I realize that the WON network is kapoot.

Once they are up and running, the Paradigm Steam Test server will be shutdown and used if neccesary for beta testing.

Brewsley has been running the Official Oz Deathmatch Beta Server and we all owe him a big thank you for letting me hammer his Dual CPU Linux Beast AKA Chimera!

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