SparksOnline Update

A quick update… the server move is on. I have copied most of the files over from the old server but the FTP service is down for the moment. Also the Forum is not working yet. I will post more when I get a handle on things. Probably after this weekend, as I have a huge work project going on.


The gameservers are down for the moment as well. The hard drives with all the server setups are literally in the mail and I will have to install them in the new gameserver before they can be used. :(


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20 Responses to SparksOnline Update

  1. a-HAX0Rz2222 says:

    u suk, fag.

    There, had to say it. :-)

    Bon chance on the move amigo.


  2. Spark E. says:

    I know I can always count on your support.
    Without your tip, much of this awesome content would be Lozt.

  3. bubba dudley says:

    hi where can i download latest oz 3.0 deathmatch while server is being upgraded ?? thank u

    • Spark E. says:

      @bubba :All the ftp files are on the old server which hasn’t gotten returned yet :(
      If the email address you posted on your comment is valid, I could email you the file(s) you need, but you will need to tell me whether you want the Windows version or the Cool (LINUX) version.

  4. style says:

    Give me a minute… how do I register so I can share my brilliant wit?

  5. style says:

    The check is in the mail too…

    Why do my posts need moderating?

  6. bubba dudley says:

    spark e

    theemail listed is valid! i am looking for latest windows version with bots!

    if you could mail this file to me…would be much appreciated.

    thank you

  7. Numbskull says:

    Could I also get the newest oz deathmatch for windows emailed to me please?that would be much appreciated!!!

  8. numbskull says:

    Spark E

    I could use the cool Linux version too if you don’t mind. We would really enjoy hearing back from you.

    Sven Icer