Murphy Christmans!

Okay, so here is the obligatory Murphy Christmans Post to you all!

Happy Christmas and New Years to all of you Ol’ Skool Players, families and new friends too.

Have fun, be safe,

-Spark E



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5 Responses to Murphy Christmans!

  1. style says:

    And a Merry Christmas to you back!

  2. Cannon says:

    It’s belated:-) :-) but merry Christmas. And happy new year

  3. Spark E. says:

    This has been a quick year for me. I have a really small artificial tree that I put up at Christmas and when I went down to the basement to grab it, I was struck by how it seemed like only a few weeks since I had put it down there.

    Now it’s on to New Year’s…

    • Cannon says:

      well maybe i over-simplify here Spark.
      however, if you just don’t wait so long to take the tree back down. i mean it’s not like the lights on the house or anything……………………

  4. Spark E. says:

    Heh heh heh. I find that the lights on the house get put away pretty quickly if they are left tangled up in a box waiting to be put up at all.

    After all, there’s the Christmas motto “It’s the thought that counts.”