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Moar OzDM News

The last post has gotten pretty long with comments, so I am creating a short new post with some news. Iggy has retrieved my server and it should be on its way back this week sometime. This will allow me to make … Continue reading

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Oz Deathmatch Site Updated

I have just updated the Oz Deathmatch site with functioning links to downloads and removed dead links. Kindly let me know if there are any broken links and I will correct them. 

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SparksOnline Update

A quick update… the server move is on. I have copied most of the files over from the old server but the FTP service is down for the moment. Also the Forum is not working yet. I will post more … Continue reading

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Do NOT Buy Battlefield 2142

Unless you like to pay money for adware and don’t mind having your internet resources used to monitor your surfing habits, Don’t buy this game.

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