Moving Sparks Online…

The time has come to update the SparksOnline website. I have some time before and around Christmans to use as I please and this is as good a use as any. As you can see, the new site is a WordPress blog. Actually a WordPress blog with content imported from a Google blogspot blog that I played with for a while.

This new site  will be including a forum which at the moment is giving me some trouble. As many of you know, the old forum was constantly being spammed with ads for Chinese knock-offs and as amusing as the ads were, it became a constant job of manually pruning the posts.

The game servers have not moved / will probably stay the same.

I hope that many of you will sign up and post occasionally on the new forum, just to let the rest of us know how you are doing. I will add as much of the old content back on the site in an archive as possible.

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6 Responses to Moving Sparks Online…

  1. brian says:

    omg been wondering where the severs went. wheres the new blog/and name?

  2. cannon says:

    Tap, tap, tap………..

  3. cannon says:

    hey KT how’s it going bud?

    • KT says:

      Waiting for the world to end …. so I can become Gordon once again. ;)
      Sure is quite round these parts lately … sparky must be busy setting up some new solar collectors and wind turbines.

      • Spark E. says:

        I am still waiting on the hard drive with all my server goodness on it. I’ll have to call Iggy and see if he can grab it.

        Also, I am working with a new-to-me ecommerce platform “Magento” which has so many awesome features that I have been lost in the software for the last month. I’m going to post some of the time saving things I have learned here.